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The Varaždin Concert office is based on the need for musical life in Varaždin, which as a city music has extremely great potential, both professional and amateur. Therefore, the basic program of the Office is based on the organization of concerts and musical performances for the needs of the City of Varaždin, music associations from the City and the County, musical artists of the City, the County and Croatia, and over time it has profiled itself as a musical cultural and tourist agency within the scope of possibilities and the needs of its users.

 The program that the office organizes according to the annual public needs in the culture of the City, the County and the Republic of Croatia is published every year in the official gazettes and on the websites of the administrative units.

When everything is added up, then we meet the Concert Office in Varaždin Baroque Evenings, Summer in Varaždin, cycles Young musicians, Varaždin Chamber Orchestra, Varaždin Quartet, Diocesan concerts, concerts of independent musicians and ensembles, international cultural and economic exchange between Croatia and Varaždin, jubilee and festive concerts, the musical part of the activities of the Croatian National Theater in Varaždin, special rock and pop concerts, on the jazz scene, the musical part of the children’s film club VANIMA, the extracurricular part of the Music School program, private musical initiatives, large hall and stadium music-stage projects, musicological and scientific music projects, the production of audio carriers and printed music publishing, in musical, cultural and tourist promotion of projects, cultural and tourist agency activities, in media and information activities in the field of musical and cultural life of the city and last but not least enabling schools, student also offers students the opportunity to attend concerts and music-stage performances of an educational and entertainment type, organized and free of charge or at a minimal cost. 

Concert office Varaždin

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